Crush of the Week: Canvas Hampers by Pehr


I never thought a clothes hamper would make my head turn, but indeed that day has arrived. Made by Pehr Designs, the canvas hamper retails for about $70 and measures 18 inches in diameter by 20 inches high. Available in a boatload of colors and light-hearted patterns, like stripes, pencil lines, and polka dots, it’s my crush of the week.

Persimmon Pencil Lines

Persimmon Pencil Lines Hamper by Pehr

If a hamper isn’t high on your list of desires, Pehr makes them in smaller sizes, too.

Their “bin” size measures 13 inches in diameter by 12 inches high; “pint” size is 9 inches in diameter by 10 inches high.

Because canvas is so sturdy, you can store a lot of different things, like toys, toiletries, towels and scarves, without it flopping over on you.

Pehr Designs was formed in 2010 by childhood friends Jen and Becca in 2010 to create a line of classically simple, yet modern home accessories. They’re based in Canada, but also sell their wares internationally. Click here for Pehr’s list of US distributors.


I hope you enjoyed my crush of the week. Thank you for viewing!