6 Ways to Introduce Chinese Design Style in the New Year

Chinese New Year_photo by aotaro on Flickr

Photo courtesy of aotaro on Flickr

February 8th is the first day of the Chinese New Year 2016.  Festivities traditionally include the Lantern Festival, symbolizing the forthcoming return of spring. Red is associated with luck in Chinese culture, so red lanterns are the appropriate hue to usher in the Chinese New Year.

Fu_photo by IQRemix on Flickr

Photo courtesy of IQRemix on Flickr

Fu in Chinese means happiness, luck, and prosperity. During the new year celebration, the Chinese character is written on red-colored diamond-shaped paper and often turned upside down, signifying that happiness is forthcoming. Fu is usually posted on front doors, windows or living room walls.

While these are just a couple of ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year, you might want to bring some Chinese design style into your home — not only for luck, but also for its elegance and whimsical charm.

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