Crush of the Week: Beija Flor Vinyl Floor Mats

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This week’s Crush of the Week are some cool vinyl patterned floor mats made by Beija Flor. I love these because they mimic cement tiles, are flexible and easy to clean. Patterns range from simple geometrics to intricate Moorish designs — and colors from black and white to wildly colorful.

These vinyl mats are ideal for messy spaces, like kitchens, but will also look terrific in a dining room, living room or entryway. They might also garner the attention of pet owners who might have shied away from conventional area rugs because of wear and tear.  Beija Flor vinyl floor mats are unique and offer more pattern diversity than conventional indoor-outdoor rugs, which can often ring industrial — in a bad way.

Antique Tiles_So1-AN-P1Based in Isreal, Beija Flor finds inspiration for their designs in geometric patterns and antique tile designs from the past. Their most popular mat size, 60 by 100 cm (about 24 by 38 inches) is even based on the golden section.

I spotted these mats in Zurich. However, they sell and ship them worldwide and will also have a US distributor in the near future.

Check out the sixteen different patterns, sizes, prices and ordering information for Beija Flor vinyl floor mats on their website.