7 Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Closet with wallpaper collage

This summer, I saw my grandma’s $17 hospital receipt from when she gave birth to my mom in 1938. A lot of things were simpler — and less expensive — back then. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average cost of raising a child born in 2013 to age 18 is $245,340. Between paying for braces, band instruments, sports and all the food that disappears whenever a kid is around, parenting can deliver a hit to your wallet.

Though you don’t want your kiddo’s bedroom to be a boring white box, spending more than you can afford on room decor isn’t an appealing option either. To help ease the load, here are DIY ideas both fresh and familiar for sprucing up your child’s bedroom on a budget. Click HERE for the full story.