Against the Wall: Rugs Gone Vertical!

While most folks appreciate hand-made area rugs, some shy away from incorporating them into their home decor. One of the main reasons is pets. Kitty claws can wreak havoc on a kilim, and Fido chewing bones all over an oushak isn’t ideal. Parents with little ones might ditch investing in a rug until the kids are a bit older. Some rug lovers just run out of floor space, too.

Just because your lifestyle might not be right for a quality area rug right now doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy one in your home. Consider hanging a rug on the wall instead of limiting yourself to the conventional on-the-floor route!

Hanging an area rug has some advantages. It’s likely more visible, so it’s easier to appreciate the details. Although it will still need to be cleaned, it gets less wear.  Read about three ideal locations for hanging a rug. Click HERE for the full story…

Bringing Home The Luck O’ The Irish

Everyone’s a little bit Irish, as the saying goes. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and to celebrate, you might find yourself wearing green, attending a St. Paddy’s Day parade — or looking for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Why limit the search for good fortune to one day a year? Here are five ways to attract the luck o’ the Irish in your home all year long. For the full story, click on CLOVER!

The Tactile Beauty of Braided and Hooked Rugs

Though born of frugal Colonial-era circumstances, braided and hooked rugs are still spiffing up floors today. These time-honored textiles are attractive and durable, and they look great in home styles ranging from log cabin to modern condo.

Learn more about their construction, material choices, patterns and pros and cons. You might just get hooked. Click HERE for the full story…

Crush of the Week: Beija Flor Vinyl Floor Mats

rolled up

This week’s Crush of the Week are some cool vinyl patterned floor mats made by Beija Flor. I love these because they mimic cement tiles, are flexible and easy to clean. Patterns range from simple geometrics to intricate Moorish designs — and colors from black and white to wildly colorful.

These vinyl mats are ideal for messy spaces, like kitchens, but will also look terrific in a dining room, living room or entryway. They might also garner the attention of pet owners who might have shied away from conventional area rugs because of wear and tear.  Beija Flor vinyl floor mats are unique and offer more pattern diversity than conventional indoor-outdoor rugs, which can often ring industrial — in a bad way.

Antique Tiles_So1-AN-P1Based in Isreal, Beija Flor finds inspiration for their designs in geometric patterns and antique tile designs from the past. Their most popular mat size, 60 by 100 cm (about 24 by 38 inches) is even based on the golden section.

I spotted these mats in Zurich. However, they sell and ship them worldwide and will also have a US distributor in the near future.

Check out the sixteen different patterns, sizes, prices and ordering information for Beija Flor vinyl floor mats on their website.





6 Ways to Introduce Chinese Design Style in the New Year

Chinese New Year_photo by aotaro on Flickr

Photo courtesy of aotaro on Flickr

February 8th is the first day of the Chinese New Year 2016.  Festivities traditionally include the Lantern Festival, symbolizing the forthcoming return of spring. Red is associated with luck in Chinese culture, so red lanterns are the appropriate hue to usher in the Chinese New Year.

Fu_photo by IQRemix on Flickr

Photo courtesy of IQRemix on Flickr

Fu in Chinese means happiness, luck, and prosperity. During the new year celebration, the Chinese character is written on red-colored diamond-shaped paper and often turned upside down, signifying that happiness is forthcoming. Fu is usually posted on front doors, windows or living room walls.

While these are just a couple of ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year, you might want to bring some Chinese design style into your home — not only for luck, but also for its elegance and whimsical charm.

Click HERE to see the six ways to do it:

Seeking Balance in Scandinavian Design

Lagom is a Swedish term that means perfectly balanced – not too little, not too much.

Much of the success of Scandinavian design, new or old, is owed to its clean lines, simplicity of design and how harmoniously it blends with other periods and styles.

This is in part why the resurgence of mid-century modern style and designs by many of the greats like Hans Wegner, Eero Saarinen and Arne Jacobsen have journeyed back into many of our homes.

Looking to channel Scandinavian style? Click HERE for the full story.

Crush of the Week: Cat’s Paw Hooked Rug by Dash and Albert

Cat's Paw Rug on FloorIt always happens that I have a pair of black pants on when my cat comes in from outside and traipses up and down my legs, leaving precious paw marks. Besides my pants, cat’s paw is actually a hooked rug design. This week’s crush of the week, cat’s paw hooked rugs are colorful, happy and fun.

Not quite circular, the cat’s paw design is a series of concentric catawampus shapes loosely resembling feline feet randomly placed on a solid background. Another hooked rug design that’s similar is called pennies or coins, but their shapes tend to be more uniform

Don’t confuse wool hooked with latch hooked rugs. Latch hooking is that rainbow or butterfly pillow you probably made with acrylic yarn in 1978. Latch hooking has a pile. Meanwhile, wool hooking is densely looped on top and uses long pieces of wool fabric that are woven through a stiff backing.

Although it’s an old-timey design, Dash and Albert, as well as some other companies like Garnet Hill, still make cat’s paw hooked rugs in fresh, vibrant colors. You can also find wool artisans who make cat’s paw rugs too.

Here’s my favorite from Dash and Albert, shown in blue and brown.

via Dash and Albert

via Dash and Albert

via Dash and Albert

via Dash and Albert

Pattern Focus: Greek Key

Greek Key

via Cindy Rinfret

The Greek key pattern was an important symbol in ancient Greece. It signified infinity, eternal flow, friendship, love, waves and the four seasons, to name a few of its associations. With its bold, twisting design, the Greek key pattern is the epitome of an enduring classic. Click HERE to read more about using this timeless and surprisingly flexible pattern.


Prevent Slips and Floor Damage with the Right Rug Pad

Rug pads prevent slips and damage to floors

via Landry & Arcari

For most people a rug pad is an afterthought. But it’s actually an important accompaniment to your rug. It ensures that no one will slip, and it protects the rug and floors from damage. Not all rug pads are created equal. Click HERE to read more about choosing the right one for your home…

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