Time to Redecorate? 8 Steps to Know


Here’s how to prioritize your game plan for your next room makeover

If you have a DIY decorating project on your horizon but don’t know where to start, here’s a practical guide to help you navigate the process. Click HERE for the full story…

Roll With It: Flocked and Foil Wallpaper Straight Out of the ’70s

Get to know the advantages of these pattern-happy retro wallcoverings

With so many choices in wallcoverings, the following 1970s-inspired designs may not be at the top of your wish list. But flocked and foil wallpapers have benefits, such as adding texture or offering an alternative to vinyl in humid spaces. Plus, these wallcoverings can take it to the max when it comes to style.

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Houzz Tour: Colonial-Era Home Puts Down New Roots on a Farm

A 1740 historic Massachusetts home is bought disassembled and then reconstructed on-site in Maine

It’s not every day that one comes across a historic Colonial-era Massachusetts home that’s been dismantled and packed in the cargo hold of an 18-wheeler. Running on blind faith, a couple of brave homeowners bought the salvaged wood house sight unseen and headed north to Maine.

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Houzz Tour: Turning the Tide for a Pacific Northwest Island Home

A renovation of a 1980s home on Whidbey Island celebrates water views, color and natural light

At the time this vacation home on Whidbey Island in Washington’s Puget Sound was built, parachute pants and leg warmers were all the rage. While clothing styles have evolved since the early 1980s (thankfully), the home hadn’t.

A major two-year renovation brought this waterfront retreat up to snuff on its exterior and gave it a completely new layout on the first floor to maximize ocean views and natural light.  Click HERE for the full story…

Houzz Tour: Treading Carefully With an 1820 Connecticut Farmhouse

Image courtesy of Rafe Churchill

A historically sensitive overhaul of a home in disrepair creates a bucolic New England retreat for an artist’s family

This Federal-style house in western Connecticut sat on the market for years with no takers. “I looked at it with other prospective buyers,” says architect Rafe Churchill, “but they just didn’t see the potential. It was pretty rough throughout, and the basement pretty much scared everyone away.”

But eventually, the nearly 200-year-old home found its new owners, and Churchill began the historically considerate renovation by treading softly. Read the full story HERE


Houzz Tour: Victorian, Meet Modern Bohemian

Classic details mingle with eclectic textiles and bold colors in this home in a former Colorado mining town

Like a lucky 19th-century miner searching for gold, silver or coal in the hills of Crested Butte, Colorado, homeowner Ingrid Gebavi struck pay dirt — though for her it was in a Victorian fixer-upper.

Gebavi, a lover of old houses, wanted a property in the town’s historic district that needed plenty of TLC so she could restore it and make it her own. She looked to the past during the full overhaul of the house, referencing not only its Victorian origins but also the fun-loving hippie population that influenced the look of the town in the 1960s and ’70s.

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Roll Call: Go Wild With Wood Veneer Wallcovering

Find out what makes this real wood veneer special, and get the skinny on how to use wood veneer wallcovering on your walls

Few materials exude visual warmth like natural wood. But if a rustic reclaimed-wood feature wall doesn’t quite jibe with your contemporary or modern style, consider a wallcovering made from real wood veneer.

From simple wood grain to intricate inlaid geometric patterns, there are lots of striking decor options. Click HERE for the full story…



Roll Call: Shopping for Wallpaper? First Know the Lingo

 We demystify terms and concepts such as repeat, pattern match and roll size

Purchasing wallpaper can be a confusing experience. If wallpaper lingo — such as repeat, pattern match and single versus double rolls — makes you feel like a dithering hot mess, here’s a quick guide to get you rolling.

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Roll Call: Choose Vinyl Wallcovering for Durability and Style

Vinyl wallcovering can pep up and protect your walls.
Learn about the four types and which is best for you

Vinyl wallcovering got a bad rap for many years. Although the tough material is notable for withstanding endless suitcase bumps in hotels and wear and tear in corporate corridors, its aesthetic for residential use has usually fallen short.

Many of us remember the funky mushroom designs or old-fashioned coffee grinder silhouettes in 1960s and ’70s-era kitchens, but more recently, vinyl wallcovering has maintained its durable practicality while amping up its style appeal.

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My article was rated as one of Houzz’s 10 Most Popular Stories of 2016.

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