Room of the Day: See What Dazzles the Kids in this Bath

A classic blue-and-white nautical theme and a surprise ceiling create a fun atmosphere for siblings

Despite their diminutive size, kids sure can cause a lot of wear and tear. That was the case in this bathroom shared by a 4- and a 6-year-old. Though functional, the space needed a style refresh to upgrade the worn-out and underwhelming beige tile on the walls and floor. Interior designer Rhona Chartouni tackled the project, introducing durable materials and kid-friendly design with a nautical theme that includes a custom-painted night sky on the ceiling.

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Houzz Tour: Lime Green and Patterns Punch Up Neutral Decor

Colorful lime green pieces perk up formerly plain-vanilla rooms in this vibrant home makeover

A single woman’s vibrant and fun personality and love of color weren’t evident in her ho-hum furnishings, so she hired interior designer Ann Lowengart to transform the look of the too-neutral home. Right before the project began, the homeowner started a relationship with her now husband, tasking Lowengart with the added challenge of combining two individual styles to create one fresh home.

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Houzz Tour: Colorful and Pattern-Happy in California

An overhaul of a 1930s Tudor results in a bright, bold space with an open floor plan

Once Joan Schubert and David Fletcher outgrew their home, they decided to return to the Sacramento, California, neighborhood where Schubert grew up, and still has family. But before they could move into the 1930s Tudor-style house, the couple needed to do a major renovation. Besides making the layout more functional, designer Laura Neuman helped show off the artistic couple’s love of mixing different colors, patterns, and genres.

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Room of the Day: Ferraris, Fossils and Bubbles Inspire a Bath Update

A pink 1950s bathroom decimated by black mold is brought back to life with color and loads of artistic touches designed by the homeowner

Psychologist Jan Ferris knows what she likes and what rubs her the wrong way. She disliked her 1954 pink bathroom, but it wasn’t until two difficult life events struck — the death of her father and a leak that destroyed her bathroom — that she decided to finally tackle some upgrades. Ferris tapped into her former practice as an artist and embraced her love of color to create a cheerful new bathroom that also helped her heal.

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Room of the Day: A Blue-Walled Beauty

The parlor in this 230-year-old New Hampshire home had been expanded in a previous remodel, but it was short on pizazz. In addition to its lackluster looks, it didn’t serve a clear function for the homeowners, who weren’t exactly sure how to improve the space. The long, narrow layout made arranging the furniture, which included a grand piano, even more challenging.

To crack the problem, homeowner and designer Amy Mitchell of collaborated with designer Dena Hamilburg to transform the parlor into a formal area for reading, entertaining and practicing music — all unified by a gorgeous blue hue.

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Interiors Need Energy? Look to Mondrian’s Paintings for Inspiration

Tableau_I,_Piet Mondrian [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Tableau 1, Piet Mondrian in PD_US via Wikimedia Commons

Even if you don’t know the name Piet Mondrian, you probably know his work. The Dutch painter’s use of black grids filled with primary colors spilled out of the art world and into home decor and fashion — Yves Saint Laurent designed dresses in the 1960s based on Mondrian’s work.

And while Mondrian might seem a bit uptight (he kicked a member out of the De Stijl art movement group for using diagonals), he was a key figure in the development of modernism and the concept of visual abstraction.

If you think along similar lines, his work can uplift your home’s interior in a striking way. Click HERE for the full story on Mondrian-inspired interiors.

Take Cues From Van Gogh’s Art for Bright and Cheery Interiors

Considered one of the most popular artists of all time, Vincent Van Gogh developed his own style characterized by bold, visible brushstrokes, heavily laden with bright paint. Although he sold only one painting in his lifetime, his emotionally charged, expressionistic work played a crucial in role in the development of modern art.

His daring use of color and dreamy interpretation of the world are things that home interiors can benefit from too. So if you’re looking to energize your place, let the famous Dutch painter’s masterpieces guide you. Click HERE for the full story.

What Matisse Can Teach Us About Interior Design

The Painter's Family_sm

Matisse, The Painter’s Family (1911). Photo in PD-US via

French artist Henri Matisse, known for his revolutionary use of brilliant color and expressive forms, sought to create work that would be “a soothing, calming influence on the mind, rather like a good armchair,” as he put it.

His fearless use of color, pattern and movement transfer well to the world of interior design — so if you don’t have the millions to drop on an original Matisse masterpiece, consider letting the artist’s work inspire your decor instead. Click HERE to find out how.

Nixing Neutrals to Create a Colorful Craftsman

kitchenFor a couple who decided to name their cocker spaniel Color, a beige and white interior just wasn’t going to cut it. That’s the situation designer Caitlin Murray and film editor Mike Parzynski faced with their historic Craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles.

Murray took charge, introducing colorful accessories against a gray backdrop for the living room, electric blue cabinets for the kitchen and quirky art pieces for the bedroom to amp up the lifelessly neutral home. Click HERE to read the full story…

Chocolate’s Hot!

What’s more cozy than a steaming mug of hot chocolate by the fireplace after a wintery afternoon of ice skating or skiing? Not only after alpine sports, hot chocolate, or any chocolate, for that matter, is welcome by most folks 24/7.

Looking to indulge in some chocolate? Consider adding some chocolate-hued décor instead of hightailing it towards the truffles. Click HERE to learn how to make it work!