A Craftsman Living Room Goes From Dim to Delightful

living room

via Dezaar Interiors

A Craftsman-style living room gets lightened up, giving a family of five some space to gather and play

The dark living room of this 1913 Craftsman-style bungalow didn’t reflect the vibrancy of its family. The owners’ three kids have a “running circuit” that begins in the kitchen and courses through the living room. And while the space needed to give the little ones room to play during Minnesota winters, it also needed to provide the family with a comfortable seating area in which to gather.

So, as part of a whole house renovation, homeowner and designer Nicole Botsman tackled the living room first, with a goal of turning it into a bright and fun family hangout. Click HERE for the full story…


  1. While the space is attractive, it evidences an overlay of formula mid-century modernism on a turn of the century space. It certainly doesn’t evoke the original details, nor the intention of the period. Craftsman architecture owners have more respect for their spaces, as they are rare art pieces. They express more integrity in their expression of interior design, philosophically rebelling from the mass-produced. This one has been nearly destroyed and will take years of paint stripping to restore.

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