Hitting the Tropics: The Jungle Look

Disney’s remake of its 1967 movie The Jungle Book is set to debut in mid-April. But the cinema screen isn’t the only place awash with tropical foliage. You might have noticed that lush palms and banana leafs have taken hold in interior décor.

Tropical-themed designs aren’t the new kid on the block. Like the movie, the bold leafy pattern is enjoying its second round in the spotlight.  Don Loper introduced his chic “Martinique” wallpaper pattern in 1942 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and shortly after, Dorothy Draper designed her own take, “Brazilliance“, in her 1948 makeover of the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia.

Do you like the jungle look, but are worried about it looking hokey in your home? See five ways to make a tropical theme work without going overboard. Click HERE for the full story…

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