Crush of the Week: Moroccan Circles Tile

Moroccan Circles tile by Mercury Mosaics in Marshmallow and Driftwood

Moroccan Circles tile by Mercury Mosaics in colors Marshmallow and Driftwood

I love when two seemingly unrelated things converge, resulting in an “aha” moment. I’m just starting working on a new quilt and after a lot of back and forth decided on an orange peel pattern.

For you non-quilters out there, it looks like this picture (below). Admittedly, this stunning quilt isn’t mine, but it served as inspiration.

Orange Peel Quilt via Squares and Triangles

Orange Peel Quilt via Squares and Triangles

Today, I came across Mercury Mosaics’ Moroccan Circles tile, and it looks a lot like my orange peel quilt pattern. Okay, you need to turn the motif a little bit, but you get the idea. Naturally, it was love at first sight, so Moroccan Circles tile is this week’s Crush of the Week.

What makes the Moroccan Circles pattern particularly unique is that its appearance changes drastically depending on the colors and contrast chosen.

Here’s the pattern in a single color of tile, called Seaglass. The thin line of the grout joints creates a more subtle pattern focused on outlines.

Moroccan Circles in Seaglass

Moroccan Circles in single color: Seaglass

Opposite of gray and white image at the top, this installation below places the lighter value tile as the “pinched square” in the middle, and the darker for the outer “wedge” shapes.

Switching the values creates a completely different effect, as your eye focuses more on the middle shape rather than the rounded wedge shapes. Dark grout makes the value contrasts between the tiles even more pronounced.

Moroccan Circles in Patina and Olive

Moroccan Circles in 2 colors: Patina and Olive

Here’s the same pattern is shown in a more random mix four tile colors: Black, Antique Pewter,  Deco White & Fog (a retired color).

The pinched square centers alternate like a checkerboard between light gray and white. The surrounding wedge colors are irregular, some black and some dark gray.

Moroccan Circles in "Zebra" option of Deco White, Antique Pewter & Black

Moroccan Circles in 4 colors: Deco White, Antique Pewter, Fog & Black

This is a kitchen backsplash installation, so you get an idea of the tile’s scale.

Moroccan Circles and all of Mercury Mosaic’s other tile shapes are available in about 140 colors. Contact them directly for pricing.

A longtime fan of Mercury Mosaics, I wrote a separate article a couple of yearsago on their fun penny round tile .

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