6 Ways to Amp Up Valentine’s Day Romance in Your Home

Valentine’s Day origins are a bit mysterious, and there are several different theories stemming back to ancient Roman times. The holiday is also associated with a mid-winter pagan ritual. During the Middle Ages, February 14th was known as the start of the mating season for birds and since, the date has been linked with the notion of romance.

It wasn’t until the 1400s that the first known written valentine appeared, but the pastime boomed in the 17th century when exchanging written tokens of affection became common between friends and lovers.

Today, flowers, candy, cards and candlelit dinners have become a routine way to declare love on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, flowers fade, and candy doesn’t last. What if you could express romance in your home décor?

I came up with six tips to make your space place pull on your heartstrings. Click HERE for the full story…

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