Interiors Need Energy? Look to Mondrian’s Paintings for Inspiration

Tableau_I,_Piet Mondrian [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Tableau 1, Piet Mondrian in PD_US via Wikimedia Commons

Even if you don’t know the name Piet Mondrian, you probably know his work. The Dutch painter’s use of black grids filled with primary colors spilled out of the art world and into home decor and fashion — Yves Saint Laurent designed dresses in the 1960s based on Mondrian’s work.

And while Mondrian might seem a bit uptight (he kicked a member out of the De Stijl art movement group for using diagonals), he was a key figure in the development of modernism and the concept of visual abstraction.

If you think along similar lines, his work can uplift your home’s interior in a striking way. Click HERE for the full story on Mondrian-inspired interiors.


  1. I love the bold colors and straight lines of Mondrian. It was what inspired me when designing my “polychrome series”. I’m working on a design for a coffee table will have the same grid-like pattern.

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