6 Ways to Ditch Pink in a Child’s Bedroom

ditch pink in girl's bedroom design

via Suzette Sherman Design

Have you walked down the girly aisle of a toy store lately? Pink is everywhere. Assaulting the senses via toy boxes, promotional posters — even the display itself is saturated in shades from fuchsia to bubblegum. Not only toys, but girls’ room decor gives preference to the hue.

That leads to a lot of girls’ rooms looking like they’ve been — to borrow an expression from Sally Field’s character in Steel Magnolias — hosed down with Pepto-Bismol. Perhaps it’s their choice, or perhaps it’s because kids and parents aren’t confident to explore other options. But if you’re planning a girls’ bedroom makeover, you can ditch pink for one of these more fun, and more 21st-century, themes.  Click HERE for the full story!

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