Fabric Focus: Crewel

via Angela Todd Designs

Crewel fabric, sometimes called crewelwork or crewel-embroidered fabric, is a hand-embroidered decorative fabric made with wool yarn on a firm cotton, linen or jute base. Designs are typically graphic, bold and colorful renditions of foliage, flowers or wildlife. The Tree of Life is a standard motif.

Crewel has been around about a thousand years and its roots are worldwide, having ties to India, Greece and Mongolia, among others. Today, most crewel is made in northern India in the Kashmir Valley. It reached its heyday in 17th-century England and was popular during the Jacobean period for bed drapery and wall hangings.

While crewel never went out of style, it seems to be gaining popularity again. Learn more about this venerable handicraft and where you might want to use it in your home. Click HERE for the full story…

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