LEED Gold Home in LA with an East Coast Cottage Look

via Tim Barber Ltd.

via Tim Barber Ltd.

Remember Kermit the Frog’s melancholy tune, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”?  For Kermit, being green wasn’t flashy or memorable —and he felt passed over and unappreciated for his “greenness”.

Like Kermit, green design has some hang-ups too. Despite its many attributes, environmentally friendly design is often criticized for its lacking aesthetic. So much energy goes into the sustainable aspects of the project, that the design of the space can sometimes suffer. Not everyone likes the uber contemporary or industrial looks that are so common with green design either. Who wants to build a new home with the soulless energy of a shoebox?

Wanting an environmentally friendly house with all the trappings of a traditional, breezy East Coast summer cottage, this LA homeowner takes a different approach. Click HERE to read the full story about this LEED Gold home with an East Coast cottage look.

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