Crush of the Week: Birds and Butterflies by Schumacher

Birds and Butterflies wallpaper pattern #17460

Birds and Butterflies by F. Schumacher & Co.

This week had some déjà vu moments. Maybe it’s because it’s spring and my subconscious was thirsty for nature scenes — or the birds outside my window were chattering. Whatever the reason, I stumbled upon Schumacher’s Birds and Butterflies pattern a couple of times, and was happier in doing so. It’s my crush of the week!

via Sarah Wittenbraker Interiors

via Sarah Wittenbraker Interiors

Birds and Butterflies isn’t new, but actually a revived early 1960s pattern described on their website as “colorful creatures take wing amid black and white gesture drawing of twining foliage”. What I like about it is it’s whimsical without being childish, and combines a lot of different colors. It’s sweet, fresh and vibrant, but not over the top.

Birds and Butterflies isn't just for bedrooms!

via Design Transformations

While the status quo might be to use this dreamy pattern in a bedroom, it can work in a lot of different spaces in your home, like entryways, living rooms and even this laundry room. It might even make sorting and folding a bit more pleasant.

via F. Schumacher & Co.

via F. Schumacher & Co.

While these images only shows wallpaper, Birds and Butterflies is also available printed on a fine chintzed cotton ground, which would make fetching draperies.

Schumacher sells to the design trade only, but some wallpaper and fabric outlets sell the Birds and Butterflies pattern to the public.

I hope you enjoyed my crush of the week. Thank you for viewing!

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