Crush of the Week: Pitch Blue by Farrow and Ball

While Pitch Blue paint by Farrow and Ball is my first crush of the week, it’s more accurately my crush of the decade.

Pitch Blue entryway via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I first came across Pitch Blue paint a couple of years ago when I wrote a post about paint colors inspired by Amsterdam.

Three years on, and I can’t stop thinking about this beautifully rich color. Crazy? Perhaps. Are my priorities in check? Probably not. Right now, I don’t have a place to use this color, but a girl can dream!

What makes Pitch Blue is mesmerizing? It’s a blue that’s “in between”. It’s darker in value, but clear and cool with a hint of brightness. Farrow and Ball mentions it has black in it’s base, but I also see a fiery mix of magenta somewhere in there too.

One of its spells is that it magically works in both dim and well-lit spaces.



Pitch Blue living room via Pinterest

via Pinterest

See what I mean about magenta with Pitch Blue? Together, the two colors enhance each other.

Pitch Blue formal living room via Pinterest

via Pinterest

The architectural wall molding in this living room is painted the same color as the wall to unify the surface. The continuity of the Pitch Blue wall highlights the subtle shadows created by the molding.

I find this approach more attractive than breaking up the wall with contrasting white molding. For me, the more Pitch Blue, the merrier!

via Noushka Design Ltd.

via Noushka Design Ltd.

However, it is a color that makes quite a statement. For the more color shy, consider painting one wall as a feature wall or an architectural component, like this fireplace surround.

via Farrow and Ball

via Farrow and Ball

Against white woodwork, Pitch Blue is crisp, clear and clean.

Thanks for viewing my crush of the week!


  1. I love the white and blue contrast! Pitch Blue is very pretty!

  2. Pitch Blue by Farrow & Bali is a Warm/Cool color. Reflecting light intensifies but does not distort this Great, Transitional Paint Color. It compliments any color and will challenge all of the “Rules”.

  3. Sonja Lane says:

    we are painting 2 feature walls in pitch blue in a basement, 44m2 room with little light, then the other 2 walls in James white and low ceiling in Wimborne white. hope this works

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