Undone in the French Quarter: A pied-à-terre is ‘unrenovated’

via Logan Killen Interiors

via Logan Killen Interiors

One theory about how New Orleans earned its “Big Easy” nickname points to a local gossip columnist in the 1970s who contrasted the city’s easygoing, laid-back lifestyle with the pace of New York’s Big Apple.

Laid back is exactly what New York TV producer-director Chris Fisher thought of New Orleans after he spent time there visiting his goddaughter. And he liked it. Looking for a respite from his hectic New York life, he purchased a unit in an 1820s-era three-story Creole mansion on St. Philip Street in the French Quarter.

The cookie-cutter kitchen and overdoneness of the space didn’t fit with its historic vein. So Fisher hired Katie Logan LeBlanc and Jensen Killen of local Logan Killen Interiors to bring the magic back. Click HERE to read the full story….

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