Moor Tile, Please! Spice Up Your Space with Moroccan Tile

Add an exotic touch with Moroccan tiles in everything from intricate patterns and rich colors to subtle, luminous neutrals.

When Euclid declared, “The whole is greater than the part,” I like to think he had Moroccan tile on his mind.

Moroccan tile is typically noted for complex geometric designs; artisans use mathematical precision to produce masterpieces. Designs rely on symmetry and repetition of complex patterns to cover large areas, such as walls and floors.

Although intricate kaleidoscope-like patterns are the most renowned, not all Moroccan tile is highly patterned. Graceful arabesque shapes, rich solid hues, crosses and carved tiles also add to the mix.

If you’re looking to spice up your next tile project, you can count on these Moorish numbers for inspiration.

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