Bling Where It’s Least Expected

Give your interior some sparkle and shine with metal tiles on a backsplash, shower or floor.

Anyone who’s ever gone fishing with a flashy lure or held a baby while wearing blingy earrings knows that shiny things are attractive. There’s a magnetic draw to them.

In fact, recent research suggests humans are innately drawn to shiny surfaces because they reflect an age-old quest for fresh water to ensure our survival. Thirsty or not, we can easily infuse our lives and homes with shine — at a minimum to ward off the threat of monotony. One way is by using metallic tiles.

Metal tiles gained popularity in the past decade or so with the explosion of stainless steel kitchen appliances, and stainless steel tiles were (and still are) great harmonizers.

However, they’ve also made their way out of the kitchen — and all that glitters isn’t always stainless steel. Tiles are available in different metals, including bronze, copper and titanium, as well as different surfaces, such as brushed, polished and textured.

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  1. I really like the decorative metal tile mixed in w/ the ceramic tile.

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