6 Spot-On Places to Use Penny Tile

You’ll flip for these coin-shaped wall and floor tiles in bright colors, subtle neutrals and even clear glass
Penny Rounds via Mercury Mosaics

Penny Rounds via Mercury Mosaics

Looking for a tile with fun-loving appeal? Penny tiles, also known as penny rounds, brings both heritage and cheer to a home. A throwback to the early 1900s, penny tiles have come full circle to harmonize with nearly every style, from Victorian to bungalow, midcentury modern to contemporary.

Penny tiles were originally used for flooring, but also are a great choice for backsplashes, wall tile and  even columns. And given all the color and pattern possibilities, the love for penny tile may be never-ending.

Penny tiles are round in shape and usually between ¾ inch and 1 inch in diameter. Making their appearance in the early 1900s, they were typically made of unglazed white porcelain. At the time white was perceived as more sanitary and believed to not “hold sickness,” says Caitlin Walker of Mercury Mosaics. Colored floor tiles later became popular, as well as patterns, such as borders and flower designs.

Today penny tiles have hit the design jackpot — likely because they look great in nearly any space, new or old.

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