7 Great Places for a Hammered Metal Finish

Amp up the character in your kitchen (or any room, really) with the gorgeous texture and artful look of hammered metal

Unlike the cool, smooth finishes of brushed stainless steel and nickel that have dominated for the past decade or so, hammered metal has been in steady demand since ancient times. In addition to artistic beauty, hammered finishes also tend to be more inviting, homier and more interesting. The textural patterning also means dings and scratches are less apparent.

Hammered finishes are as aesthetically versatile as the metal they’re made from. Vastly different looks can be achieved — rustic, industrial, contemporary — depending on the metal and hammering pattern. Because this artful, hand-applied finish is such a textural spotlight, a little goes a long way, so it is often dedicated to a single focal piece in a room. Click HERE for the full story.

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