Carpet For A Cause: Alpha Workshops Edition

“Phaedra Rug” / Alpha Workshops Edition

Edward Fields Carpet Makers, a long-standing creator of high-quality, bespoke area rugs, and Alpha Workshops, a non-profit organization that trains people with HIV/AIDS in the decorative arts, have collaborated to create a special selection of contemporary area rugs in the Alpha Collection Edition.

Based on patterns from Alpha Workshops’ design archives, the 13 abstract patterns suitably bear Greek names and are made from a blend primarily of wool and dull silk, but additional material combinations include flax, delicate silk, Lurex and viscose.

“Epifanio Rug” / Alpha Workshops Edition

Phaedra, which translates in Greek as “the bright one” radiates a vibrant, amber glow with a fluid depth. Epifanio, which means “bringing light” captures light with a interwoven subtly sparkled fiber, whereas its coloration and design inspiration is derived from clay.

Greek for “stone spirit”, Haldis captures the textured depth of a rocky façade, but with a fierce dynamism that offers a unique animation to the rug.

“Haldis Rug” / Alpha Workshops Edition

Standard sizes are 8’ x 10’, but are available through the interior design trade in custom sizes and colorations, as are all Edward Fields’ products.





More information about Alpha Workshops:

Responding to the growing number of New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS, Kenneth Wampler and a founding Board of Directors created the Alpha Workshops in 1995. The Alpha Workshops is the nation’s only non-profit decorative arts studio that trains people with HIV/AIDS and offers employment in a supportive environment. Since its founding, the Alpha Workshops has developed into a highly respected vocational training school and decorative arts studio. Year after year, it has expanded its funding base and client list, increased the professionalism and efficiency of its decorative arts training programs, and broadened the opportunities offered to HIV-positive individuals for creative study and employment.

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