Fresh Interior of Trillium Soaps – Rockland, Maine

An intoxicating aroma of rosemary and lavender permeates the entire block in front of Trillium Soaps on 17 Pacific Street, across from the harbor in Rockland, Maine.   Aside from the herbal aromas having delightfully saturated the building materials, entering the store plays with my senses.  Time passes at an unhurried pace.  Sounds of footsteps on wood floor planks and the folding of butcher paper are hushed and honest.  I am sublimely transported to a bucolic paradise of a past era.

Trillium Soaps both makes and showcases their soaps and candles in the open plan store.  Functional production and sales areas are separated by a massive oak double countertop. Outside, passers by can silently watch the soap making process from the sidewalk through the large window.

Soaps and candles are attentively merchandised with thoughtfully selected antiques and accessories, which are also for sale.  Ample-sized baskets, milk-white ceramics, pastoral artwork and bundled rolls of linen fabric casually rest amidst the farm tables and product displays.  Ribbons and spools, old-fashioned marbles, painted wooden crates and a featured red wood poster bed with vintage grainsack bedding add to the homespun, freshly-scrubbed ambiance.

In business for 20 years, owners Peter and Nancy DiGirolamo moved Trillium Soaps to their current location in 2010. Their products are hand-made in small batches of organic olive, palm, and coconut oils, as well as rainwater and additional essential oils, flower petals, bergamot and French red clay, to name just a few.  Trillium Soaps’  simple and intimate interior appropriately conveys the wholesome essence of its product – it even makes my soul feel squeaky clean.


  1. Michelle says:

    This sounds and looks like a great store. They have really achieved an inviting atmosphere…. and I bet it smells wonderful. Since I am not in Maine, however, I shall have to visit their website…. now if only my computer could deliver scent through its webcam!

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