Carolina Herrera Interior: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Intensely provocative, the scent from the signature CH candles lure visitors into the entrance of the Carolina Herrera store.  Undoubtedly, Carolina Herrera’s premier fashion is the fundamental drive of the store.  Yet its interior, like its legendary fragrance, is equally as impressive and memorable.

In particular, the Carolina Herrera store in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has a handsome air to it. The store is located in the Mirdif City Center mall. Evocative of an upscale home library coupled with the intimacy of a custom closet, the mood is refined and serene.   Ambient lighting levels are low, punctuated by large-scaled hanging fabric drum shades in deep jewel tones and focused merchandise lighting.  

Sliding library ladders grant access to high shelving.  Decorative hardcover books in the brand’s signature red casually adorn clothing display shelves, subtlely championing the library theme.  Black and white photo portraits  hung in a horizontal band above the shelving and equestrian accessories add a casual sportiness to the space.

A relaxed ambiance is conveyed by the ample leather lounge seating paired asian-inspired lamps.  Meanwhile, meaty feature tables with dynamic angled legs command attention while showcasing inset merchandise compartments. 

Deeply stained wood built-in wall shelving neatly section clothing areas. Select  cabinetry elements angle away from the wall to break up the geometry of the built-ins. Charcoal grey and green upholstered walls intermingled with the wall cabinetry create a pleasant hush that makes me forget I’m in a mall.

Interior design of the store is the work of in-house designers at Carolina Herrera. Dubai also is home to a second Carolina Herrera store, at the Emirates Mall.


  1. Michelle says:

    Your description of this store brought back memories of going into it. You are very correct when you say that when inside you forget that you are in a mall, which is indeed a compliment to the design and materials. If only I could afford the clothes, then I could stay in the store longer!

  2. Karen Egly-Thompson says:

    Thanks for the comment – I agree about the clothes!

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