Getting Lucky at Lucky’s

One of the gems in my backyard of Sharjah, UAE is Lucky’s Furniture & Handicrafts.  In business for 27 years, Lucky’s specializes in hardwood furniture from northern India.

Wood furniture at Lucky’s

Primarily made of shisham wood (also known as “sheesham” and “Indian rosewood”), a fast-growing, dense hardwood with a closed grain, the majority of the furniture is heavily carved and further adorned with embossed metal appliqué and ceramic tiles.  The style decadently celebrates the beauty of nature with the frequent use of curved forms, imagery of flowers, animals and vibrant colors.  Deceptively flexible, it equally complements a contemporary, or traditional space.

Pieces range from cupboards (called “almirahs”), bookcases, shelving, dining tables, occasional tables, chairs and large picture frames.  Brightly painted pieces, often figural, are available as well, but comprise a smaller percentage of their inventory.

Painted Furniture at Lucky’s


Shopping at the store is not for the faint of heart.  Inside a complex of high-bay warehouses, furniture is stacked sometimes three pieces high in clearly defined, tightly packed rows.  Visitors must bring with them their vision, patience and a tape measure.  Pieces are dusty and scale can become skewed in the voluminous, crowded surroundings.  Yet, the exotic merchandise and pleasure of the hunt itself are worth it.

Lucky’s treats and carefully cleans and waxes each item prior to (local) delivery, which takes approximately two weeks.  Upon request, they will change the color of furniture by adding a colored stain, if desired, or quasi-customize items by adding or reducing the number or shelves, for example. Unfortunately, they do not manufacture fully customized pieces.  Prices are not marked and are disclosed upon request.  Worth noting, although reasonably priced, Lucky’s does not bargain.

Wood Table Tops at Lucky’s

Lucky’s Contact: Mohammed Parvez & Mohammed Feroz
Office Tel: 06-534-1937
Cell: 050-632-7051 & 050-632-8750
Address: Sharjah Industrial Area No.11, 4th industrial Street 121, Sharjah, UAE

Like them on Facebook:
Website: website no longer operable
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9:30-1pm & 4:30-8:30pm
Fridays 9:30-11:30am & 4:30-8:30pm


  1. Shital says:

    I love these , they are my favourite…reminds me of my granny’s ancestral home.thanks for posting this..

  2. Michelle Grant says:

    Whew, good photos of Lucky’s. I went there once and you are right, one can get overwhelmed. I think I dream of being more “into” this aesthetic than I really can ever commit to. For anyone in the UAE though, Lucky’s is definitely worth the trip.

  3. Amanda Heintz says:

    Do you know what kind of polish/wax the recommend for this furniture?

  4. I think antique mahogany wax should do the job.

  5. Karen Egly-Thompson says:

    I spoke to Lucky’s. What their process entails is applying beeswax to the furniture, and then an application of polyurethane over the wax. I additionally researched this online and found an opposing recommendation….to apply the polyurethane first, and then the beeswax on top. Beeswax, unlike other products, prevents dust from accumulating and damaging the finish by microscopically scratching the finish. However, it needs reapplied periodically, approx. every 6 months. Additional information can be found at the following link:

  6. Hello Karen,

    Thank you for writing this amazing article. We really appreciate it and hope to see you soon. Our old website is no longer active. You can contact us on the facebook page has all of the information that anyone would need to find us. If not they can contact us on 065341937 or our cell no 0506327051/ 0506328750. Thank you again for your kind words.

    Best Regards,
    From Lucky’s

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