Kitchen of the Week: Storage for a Stand Mixer Powers a Redo

A redesign makes a cookie-cutter condo kitchen in Michigan more efficient and better for baking

These condo owners are avid bakers and had lived for six years with a dark, builder-grade kitchen. Changing out their old electric range for a new gas one and finding storage for their beloved stand mixer were priorities for their kitchen makeover.

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New Layout Takes Master Bath From Awkward to Awesome

A free-standing bathtub, textured tile and natural wood make design waves in this coastal Massachusetts master bath

These Massachusetts homeowners wanted to update their master bath so it had a more functional layout and aesthetic appeal. However, because the house may not be a long-term home for the family, their aim was to keep costs down as much as possible. Click HERE for the full story…

Kitchen of the Week: White-and-Wood Stunner on an $8,000 Budget

Low-cost materials used in a design-minded way turn a depressing rental kitchen into a light-filled showstopper

Designer Sidra Gross sensitively rehabs rental properties with high-end, customized attention in mind. She recently transformed a 100-year-old kitchen in one of her rental units on an $8,000 budget, creating an upscale look using lots of her own labor, existing plumbing and many low-cost materials.

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Room of the Day: See What Dazzles the Kids in this Bath

A classic blue-and-white nautical theme and a surprise ceiling create a fun atmosphere for siblings

Despite their diminutive size, kids sure can cause a lot of wear and tear. That was the case in this bathroom shared by a 4- and a 6-year-old. Though functional, the space needed a style refresh to upgrade the worn-out and underwhelming beige tile on the walls and floor. Interior designer Rhona Chartouni tackled the project, introducing durable materials and kid-friendly design with a nautical theme that includes a custom-painted night sky on the ceiling.

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Houzz Tour: Lime Green and Patterns Punch Up Neutral Decor

Colorful lime green pieces perk up formerly plain-vanilla rooms in this vibrant home makeover

A single woman’s vibrant and fun personality and love of color weren’t evident in her ho-hum furnishings, so she hired interior designer Ann Lowengart to transform the look of the too-neutral home. Right before the project began, the homeowner started a relationship with her now husband, tasking Lowengart with the added challenge of combining two individual styles to create one fresh home.

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Kitchen of the Week: Blue Cabinets, High Ceilings and Big Windows

A colorful, spacious and eclectic kitchen in the Texas Hill Country takes full advantage of outside views and sunshine

After making their dream a reality by buying a 5-acre plot of land with a small farm, this couple set out designing and building a new home with sweeping views of the Texas Hill Country. Topping their wish list was a kitchen with soaring ceilings and large windows, not easy to design in an area where the sun can be unrelenting.

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Compact Writer’s Cabin Folds Up When Not in Use

A work retreat on Washington’s San Juan Island offers the comforts of home in 500 square feet

There’s a saying that good things come in small packages. This writer’s cabin could be proof of that. Its 500 square feet of space certainly packs a big punch.

The compact structure features a serene workspace, a sitting area with a wood-burning stove, a kitchenette, a bathroom, a hideaway bed and walls that fold down to form a deck. It’s an efficient layout that quiets the eyes and mind so this writer can get to work.

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Time to Redecorate? 8 Steps to Know


Here’s how to prioritize your game plan for your next room makeover

If you have a DIY decorating project on your horizon but don’t know where to start, here’s a practical guide to help you navigate the process. Click HERE for the full story…

Roll With It: Flocked and Foil Wallpaper Straight Out of the ’70s

Get to know the advantages of these pattern-happy retro wallcoverings

With so many choices in wallcoverings, the following 1970s-inspired designs may not be at the top of your wish list. But flocked and foil wallpapers have benefits, such as adding texture or offering an alternative to vinyl in humid spaces. Plus, these wallcoverings can take it to the max when it comes to style.

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Houzz Tour: Colonial-Era Home Puts Down New Roots on a Farm

A 1740 historic Massachusetts home is bought disassembled and then reconstructed on-site in Maine

It’s not every day that one comes across a historic Colonial-era Massachusetts home that’s been dismantled and packed in the cargo hold of an 18-wheeler. Running on blind faith, a couple of brave homeowners bought the salvaged wood house sight unseen and headed north to Maine.

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